Your Chronicle

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Dec 22, 2020


Click to select an action and proceed with the game.
This game has offline bonus mechanics, so use it to play it efficiently.
Please read the tips on the top of each page for the explanation of the content.
NOTE:This game has auto save function. But please keep the save data in text file just in case.
I recommend that you play this game with the latest version of Google Chrome.

May 3, 2021

[ ver1.6.3 ] - Added an event : Mimic Harvest Festival (May 3rd ~ 17th) - Added a feature to set aha cells based on your current habits - Added an option to limit the fps - Modified the name of each save function - Added a kind woman event - Added Greed and Equipment - Fixed some bugs and typo

April 5, 2021

[ ver 1.6.0 ]
 - Added chronicle. - Added the function to save folder open-close. - Modified the auto summon/level up mechanics (increase the level by the set amount every 4 min) - Made the equipped ally clear. - Made offline bonus not to truncate the extra resource. - Add an option to skip the unclickable content in sloth. - Added assign manually function in AHA. - Added highlights of cost and its option. - Changed the feature of the solo dungeon. - Changed the loop action function. - Optimized the game a little. - Fixed bugs and typo.

March 1, 2021

[ ver 1.5.0 ] - Added a new area. - Added Auto habit allocation. - Added Sloth template. - Fixed some bugs. - Modified balance. See discord for detail.
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